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Mills Photos

Debra Mills and family

To see wedding pictures of Joshua and Roshelle Day Click here


Nate and Debi

Camping over Labor Day Weekend

Metolius River, Oregon



Justin Day

Work Crew for COIC

Summer of 2000

Oregon forest.



Justin removing logs from trails up in Oregon wilderness.

Summer 2000



Oregon Lake



Debi and Roshelle took an "old time photo" down in Old Sacramento. 

Summer of 2000

They had lots of fun.



Debi on an old train in Old Sacramento.







Debi and the boys in Old Sacramento. Quite a family! Summer 2000.


Joshua Day and Roshelle Zukowski

Summer of 2000

What a cute couple!





Debi and Roshelle on one of the old trains.

Summer 2000



Roshelle at Lloyd and Linda's house in Sacramento during a monopoly game.

What a cutie!




Old Sacramento - summer 2000

Joshua Day, Justin Day, Stefan Mills



Stefan Mills - Age 7

Winter 2000




Debi - summer 2000

Taken in Linda's backyard


Josh and mom 

Thanksgiving - 1999


Josh and Justin Day

Happy brothers!!



Stefan Mills - age 6




Roshelle and Smokey the bear

Sisters Rodeo

Summer of 2001

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