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This page is dedicated to Audree Ellerman Johnson Soper, an outstanding writer and poet. 

Please send your stories and poems for inclusion on this page.


(written by Audree Ellerman written 10-23-91))

A tiny ballerina

Born to Tiptoe

Into the unknown places.

Never a soiled smock

Or hands patting mud pies.

Rather, dainty fingers

Cutting paper dolls,

Sewing fine stitches,

Flitting over piano keys.

A gossamer world will

Open it's doors.

Her eyes will look upward

As she floats above

The miseries of earth. 



Reflections of My Mother


(writting by Kathy Wofford, submitted by Linda Allred)


I glanced into the mirror...

Never dreaming that I'd see

A face, one so familiar

Yet you were looking back at me.


I saw your loving smiles, so warm...

The crinkle round your eyes...

I heard your gentle laughter...

Your often soothing sighs.


In conversations with family and friends,

I hear your voice in mine...

I pause and thinkg of years gone by...

Another place and time.


You nurtured me and watched me grow...

Held me when I cried,

And though I often stumbled...

You were always by my side.


You shared the love of God with me...

Taught me how to pray...

And often when unsure...

You helped me find the way.


I'm often told I'm just like you...

A compliment I treasure...

For within my heart I know we share

A love beyond measure.





The Ellermans by Audree Ellerman 

I must relate my family tree.

I revere my family.

The Ellermans were a hardy lot

Who believed in working for what they got.

First there's Anna, the eldest pride

who cared for the rest when their Mother died.

She sacrificed her personal joys

To look after the girls and boys.

Then comes John who greatly lives. 

To us all he always gives

Understanding, patience and love supreme;

We hold John in the highest esteem.

Alice has a manner rare;

For her children she's always there. 

She, too, has patience and sweet accord,

Alice will claim a rich reward.

Otto is jolly, the clown of the clan.

He can laugh when no one else can.

We think of him, though he's far away;

Perhaps he'll return to us someday.

Art is loved by man and child;

No matter how high his work is piled,  

He has time to chat a while.

We all love his friendly smile.

Ern is nonchalant and fine.

He's that "handsome Uncle of mine."

His business manner is suave and fair.

He usually beats his competitor there.

Amy, the singer, we all admire,

She set the musical world afire.

Our family name she blessed with fame.

She fulfilled her heart's desire.

Grandma and Grandpa, I didn't know well,

But such children must make their proud hearts swell.

There they are, "from left to right,"

Without a single "black sheep" in sight.

A Clear Moment in Time - a fantasy short story  by Debi Mills


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