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Family Photos!

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Audree Ellerman Johnson Soper

and dog Sheba


Debi and Linda



  Lloyd relaxing during Paul's visit.


Justin took a picture of Lloyd filming as Lloyd filmed Justin taking a picture.






Paul during his visit on Sunday to Linda and Lloyd.


     Sky visited with Paul. Such a fine young man!







  Stefan - Kindergarten year, 6 years old.  What a handsome boy!!





Mom and Stefan - taken one week after her surgery!


 Debi in Linda's backyard - taken 6/24/00



Barry Johnson and Linda Allred


Linda and Lloyd recently moved to a new house. This is their backyard. 


  Debi and son, Josh - Thanksgiving 1999.


Joshua and Justin Day - such handsome boys!



Stefan Mills - 6 years old

  Debi Mills - Christmas 1999



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